We’ve almost made it

I was chatting today with a guy  about how January is the worst month of the year.  I try not to buy into the moans of other people but I had to agree.  It was freezing today.  The darkness when I wake is bad enough but by 4pm it’s back to black.  January is such a dull, miserable month.  I’m fortunate I don’t have any dreaded post Christmas bills coming in but I can imagine how awful that must be.  It’s to early to be considering summer & winter has way to long to go.  I just want January to be finished.   February isn’t any better & then we have those ridiculous leap years thrown in ever 4 years just to add an extra day!!!  Could we not just let June have the extra day.  I would so love an extra day in June.  God, can you tell I’m tired haha.  Goodnight world.


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