Wooping for joy

I’m part of a world I never wanted to join.  When did we all become so dependent on mobile phones?  I’ve said before that I hate texting.  Partly because I come across aggressively & partly because I can’t be bothered.  Between Saturday night & this morning I missed 14 texts.  That’s a lot of texting & I bet its all crap.  I missed 13 phone calls.  Ridiculously 8 came from kids of mine who knew I didn’t have my phone.  1 from a woman I work with, 2 withheld numbers & 1 unknown.  Withheld numbers I don’t ever answer.  Why phone someone & withhold your number, its nonsense & I don’t play.  Unknown I always answer because I’m nosey as hell, they haven’t made a choice, that’s just a network issue.  An unknown number on a Sunday, that is interesting.  I won’t lose sleep over any of it.  I’m just happy to have it back.

I am reliant on my mobile & I hate admitting that.  I google for work & this morning I was lost haha.  I had to use works landline to locate Mr Manager when normally I’d just text him where r u?  He was missing for almost an hour this morning before he phoned (He’s on the list of men I worry about, yes, I have a list & I can’t help that!).  I’m home, I have my mobile & its charging.  I cannot believe that my sister listened to it ringing, pinging & wooping without it occurring to her to charge it.  Shaking my head at that one but tbh she has a mobile as a toy.  Mine, is an essential..


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