Same shit, different day

I decided to go to work this morning because I had nothing better to do.  I so wish I hadn’t.  I had given my work key to someone & I didn’t get it back.  On asking Mr Manager where it was he said it had probably been binned.  That’s okay I guess I’m the first contact when our fire alarm goes off so they’ll have to wait.  I did phone the guy who’d had my key but he was busy & could I call back.  He’s having a laugh.  He knows I don’t do callbacks but for him I will make an exception & phone him tomorrow.  My day could have been worse.  the afternoon shift was down 2 staff.  I had to call one of my morning staff in to cover this afternoon.  I’m not sure why the shit hits the fan on Mr Managers day off but every week, its always a Wednesday.

I came home today to the same shit I came home to yesterday.  I’m trying not to annoy myself so I’m letting it go, if only for today.  I have stuff I need to be getting on with so I will be digging my heels in & just getting my head down.  I told someone today to please themselves adding the blah, blah about life’s to short to please anyone but yourself.  I also said that it must be nice to actually be able to do that.  Some of us just please other people first.  My next life is going to be so different from this one haha.

*What’s going on with you.  Thank you for elevating my stats 2 days in a row but have you not got any work to do.  Too much time on your hands??  I can’t see what posts your hitting on so I can’t guess why.  i need a bigger clue.  Actually any clue would do.  I get it but I don’t, sorry.


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