It’s never the same

I’m going to stop replicating things that remind me of my Dad.  I always end up sad & disappointed.  I should just remind myself he’s dead, he’s no coming back.

Today was a long chore.  Tbh I’m bored being dragged to sofa shops.  I’m so close to caving in & just buying one for peace but I’m still holding out.  I did see one of my cousins outside one shop with his mother in law.  How weird is it when someone pops into your head & suddenly they’re in front of you.  Randomly bumping into people after I’ve thought about them tickles me.

My plan for tonight is simple.  I have no plan.  The weekend has begun.  Kids are coming & going in my world.  I’m going to hide in the bath for a while then put on pj’s & pretend that’s normal!!

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