All by myself

I gave my sister a tablet for her Christmas.  I connected it to her hub an hour ago.  That was the last time she spoke to me haha.  Her tv has been muted.  I’m sitting in silence like wee orphan Annie.  I could have made such a difference to this flat in an hour.  I would have put away her Christmas decorations, the ones she never put up.   They stare at me every week & they should have been put away.   I would have dumped the boxes from gifts cluttering her tv unit.  I could go on but what’s the point.  I don’t touch anything unless I’m asked.  She’s happy but I’m bored.  I wouldn’t be sitting playing on a tablet with chaos all around me.

I don’t live alone so I don’t get the silence thing.  I feel uncomfortable in silence when not alone.  Actually, I talk to myself when I’m alone haha.  I’m scared to move in case she asks what I’m doing.  Thank god I sit accross from a window.  I’m sitting barely breathing watching cars go by.  I might start working Saturday’s again & leave her to it.

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