I’m so over it

It was my birthday a few days ago.  My Mother had thrown me money a few days before.  I had told her it wasn’t necessary but she shrugged saying I didn’t get you a present lol.  Got to love an honest Mother.  That tbh was the best I got.  I know it’s not about gifts.  It should be about celebrating someone’s life.  The enthusiasm for me was non existant & I was disappointed.   My birthday cake remains in my fridge, untouched.   That sums up my birthday experience.  I put so much thought into everyone’s birthday.  Maybe it was to much to expect anyone to get enthusiastic.  I’m just going to calm the fuck down & get over birthdays.  I got over my own quick enough.  I’m going to give out what I get back.  That’s going to shock some people but that’s life.


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