It’s today again

I hate Sunday’s.  Sunday is the day when I send my kids the menu for the coming week.  It’s not easy trying to accommodate the likes & dislikes of 6 other people.  I can’t please all of the people all of the time.  This week I appear to have a mutiny.  I always say if a particular meal isn’t to your liking let me know.  I have 4 kids moaning about every single dish.

Menu w/b 30/01/2017

Chicken Casserole & Rice (to include onions, peppers, mushrooms & carrots)

Pork Steaks with Chilli & Cheese pasta

Shepherds pie with Broccoli & Cauliflower

Chicken tikka wraps (to include pilau rice & peppers)

Meatballs & Spaghetti (to include tomato sauce with no garlic)

I send them all the menu.  I don’t expect full agreement but seriously moaning about every single days dinner is a step to far.  Will I change it or give them a choice?  Absolutely not.  My fridge/freezer is always bursting with food.  If they really don’t want to eat what I cook they are more than welcome to cook for themselves.  I seriously don’t know why I bother.


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