Here we go again

Today was not the greatest of days.  My little defiant youngest has got himself excluded from school again.  Teachers playing the he said, I said game are incredibly draining.  I am however the parent & whilst I say my sons personality is not a refection of me of course it is.  He’s an annoying shit much like his Mother.  Ah well, tomorrow is another day.  I have a meeting at school on Wednesday morning.  I go into meetings full of resolve & come out thinking what is the point.  I give suggestions & pointers for them to use only to find out they completely disregard them.. I can’t give up but boy, I so want to.

The part of my day I was dreading was as good or as bad as I expected.  I have to repeat the dreaded part for at least a few more days but dodged a bullet since Mr Manager was at a different store.  I’m tired of school shit & I’m tired of work shit.  I’ve decided that I’m going to appreciate my home time more.  T feel fucked because if all I have to appreciate is my home time I really am in trouble haha.  As soon as my shopping has been delivered I’m going to cook dinner, sort out my coat cupboard & hide in the bath for at least an hour.  I’m not feeling great today & that’s down to people causing unnecessary stress.  Isn’t life quite lovely when people take the piss,.


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