Straight talk

I’m stressing my school meeting tomorrow.  In my head I’m a 15yr old haha.  I’m going to be escorted into a room I never went into when I attended the same school.  I always go in full of resolve to stick up for my son.  Yeh, I know he’s aggressive.  I freely admit he’s a cheeky, annoying little git.  He’s mine though.  He melts my heart & I can see a boy with potential when you cut through all the shit.    He shouldn’t hear teachers talking about him.  What the (beep) is that about?  They’ve been told he has issues (Omg, so many beeping challenging issues).  I have nurtured, encouraged & baby stepped that (beeping) school on how to manage his behaviour.  Nicky being Nicky is his own worst enemy.  It doesn’t matter how many times I tell him stop challenging your teachers.  Keep your mouth shut.  He knows best because he’s a 45yr old man trapped inside a 12yr old body.  Actually, maybe if we could swap bodies for a day that might work.  Although given he swears like he has tourettes perhaps it’s better if I just play at being an adult for a while longer.


Shout out

I had a really stressful day.  I hadn’t even opened our shop when school was on the phone.  Baby child had allegedly swore at 2 teachers.  Obviously since it was such a serious incident he was to be excluded.  I’ve heard of other kids who have swore & simply get sent out the class.  I’m more than irked that Nicky gets special treatment.   I was at work so couldn’t do much.  Eldest was sent to find his Dad who removed child from school.  I was left to stress in work.  In walked John who not only has a psychology degree but is a youth worker.  John is a brilliant guy.  He stood talking & whilst he didn’t give any magic answers he did advise me to get a second opinion for Nicky.  I will have to wait for a Dr’s appointment but I am determined that Nicky has to be seen by another psychologist.  School is utterly useless.  I called school to arrange an appointment with the Head Teacher.  Head Teacher doesn’t give out appointment but prefers to give callbacks.  The callback never came.  I’ve decided to not stress over it since I already have an appointment for Wednesday morning with his year head.  I can stew until then..

Fast love

Today is turning out to be a much more mellow day than I ever expected.  I’m still feeling a bit weird but I’m keeping it to myself.  Nobody really gives a shit anyway.  Just so long as I’ve got my school uniforms ready for tomorrow & I feed them today, I’m okay.

The teenagers have all left.  I still have 2 incredibly irritating 12yr olds who are making more noise than is required in my house.  I’m astounded by how immature Nicky can be when he’s around kids his own age.  His normal adult attitude evaporates & is replaced by a loud, obnoxious brat.  At least I know where he is, I know who he’s with & it’s costing me nothing but patience.  All to soon Monday will be here.  Another school week with no doubt more challenging behaviour to deal with.  If only I could go back in time but I can’t.

Another drama

Last night was a bit mad.  I was feeling ill & had went to bed.   I don’t often do the bed thing so when I do, I’m unwell.  I was forced out of bed by youngest.  He’d came home in a serious strop.  By the time I’d come downstairs my hall mirror had been smashed.  Coffee had been thrown over half of my sittingroom.  Youngest was fighting with his two brothers & all I could do was pull my 16yr old off my 12yr old.  Calm was restored when youngest fell asleep.

So yesterday was a nightmare.  When real life rains shit I drop out of the virtual world.  I didn’t look in this space.  I was surprised when i seen a hit on recurring dream.  Not funny but right now, I don’t care what your doing.  I’m not going to message you to have you lie & you would lie.  I cannot be arsed.  If you hit on 50 posts in a day you might get a reaction.  Doing what i said not to is expected.  It just makes me think whatever.  I did realise that what i thought was yesterday is actually today.  I’m not sure how I got my days mixed up.  Once today is over, all bets are off.

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My boy


I was scrolling through a page on Facebook last night.  Scrolling my way through & the above picture popped up.  That dog is some guys (?) arms is actually mine.  Fudge had been to the groomers last week & this photo is one of his after shots.  He looks tired & a bit narked.  He’s usually a smiley dog but not in this photo.  My heart melted though when I seen him.  It really was a lovely photo to find just before bedtime.  I adore my dog obviously :0)