Straight talk

I’m stressing my school meeting tomorrow.  In my head I’m a 15yr old haha.  I’m going to be escorted into a room I never went into when I attended the same school.  I always go in full of resolve to stick up for my son.  Yeh, I know he’s aggressive.  I freely admit he’s a cheeky, annoying little git.  He’s mine though.  He melts my heart & I can see a boy with potential when you cut through all the shit.    He shouldn’t hear teachers talking about him.  What the (beep) is that about?  They’ve been told he has issues (Omg, so many beeping challenging issues).  I have nurtured, encouraged & baby stepped that (beeping) school on how to manage his behaviour.  Nicky being Nicky is his own worst enemy.  It doesn’t matter how many times I tell him stop challenging your teachers.  Keep your mouth shut.  He knows best because he’s a 45yr old man trapped inside a 12yr old body.  Actually, maybe if we could swap bodies for a day that might work.  Although given he swears like he has tourettes perhaps it’s better if I just play at being an adult for a while longer.