So so day

This morning I made more of an effort with my appearance.  I was up at 7am straightening my hair.  I always feel more confident when my hair is straight.  I put clothes that said to me I was ready to challenge Nicky’s school.  Dressed in black I was early for the meeting.  Keeping me waiting for an extra 10 minutes was not the smartest of moves.  Meeting done & onto work at new shop.  Electrician looked me up & down saying how different I looked with my hair down.  After 4 days we’re getting used to each other.  Our electricians are funny guys who flirt incessantly,.  Harmless banter was just what I needed today.

Work done & onto the dentist with Nicky who had been in pain from a broken tooth.  Unusually all of Nicky’s back teeth came in as adult teeth.  The tooth that was taken out had 6 roots & an infection underneath.  Antibiotics & a few days off school should sort him out.  Teeth are weird things.  The one set of back adult teeth Nicky got from me I’m afraid but he’s now been told how important his oral hygiene is.


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