Fuck it

Shit happens doesn’t it.  Sometimes my resilience leaves me.  It fucks off & leaves me wondering lol.  Thank God tomorrow is Friday.  I do not want another week like this one.  I really miss customers.  I stood looking our new shop windows today feeling lost.  I’m not sure I’m up for such a major move.  I started work because I found being a stay at home Mum incredibly lonely.  My friends all worked & didn’t have time to amuse me in the hours when my children were off at nursery or school.  I didn’t realise how involved or invested I’d become.  I’m beginning to think I’ve invested to much.  I know I could speak to Mr Manager but he’s a man with enough stress & pressure in his own world.  I don’t know how he copes with his life because I couldn’t.

I had a conversation with a new colleague today.   He’s a 51yr old man who lives with his Mother who still treats him like he’s a child.   He wasn’t moaning but he was.  I made the sympathetic noises but actually I stood wondering why the hell he was telling me.  He was probably just dumping which is fine but he didn’t need to give me his life story.  I’m always interested in meeting & finding out about new people but I don’t need to know everything at once.

Okay I’m going to go to bed.  Today was shit.  I am trying sooo hard to get some enthusiasm but it’s a struggle.  I should maybe rename this blog & call it  ‘The Moaning Cow’s blog’.  I hope tomorrow is a better day.  I can but pray.  Goodnight 🙂




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