I believe if the reasoning is good then the ‘wrong’ thing isn’t wrong.  This was my answer when someone said to me sometimes we need to do the wrong thing for the right reasons.  I once did something that I knew was wrong.  Actually, I’ll have done it more than once given my age haha.  I did it because I knew it would lead to someone doing something I knew was the right thing to do.   What I did was simply manipulate someone to do the right thing.   I didn’t enjoy it but I did it anyway & I certainly don’t regret it.  I guess we all have to examine our own conscience when deciding what’s inherently wrong.  A simple conversation in work turned into a debate about morality  & reasoning.  We decided that right & wrong is all about perspective.  Okay I’m going to lounge on my sofa for a while & wait for the chaos to begin.  I do so love a Friday when I have to wrestle the school uniforms from teenagers :))


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