Planning for tomorrow

O fuck I hate Mondays.   Teenagers & youngest all know to pack school bags the night before.  Kids are all ready for the coming week.    I wish I was as organised haha.  Once I go upstairs I’ll sort my work clothes out for tomorrow.  I have no idea where I’ll be working which will make for an interesting start to my day.  I’ve not even decided what I’m going to do when I get home.  Probably some household chore I missed today.  I should maybe have done something with my weekend but well, I didn’t.  I slept most of yesterday away & wasted today in my kitchen.  I’m not doing very well with my make every day count am I?  I have sorted all my washing.  I even emptied my storage tumble drier.  Who keeps a tumble drier to store clean school uniforms in.  Even I shake my head at me sometimes.

So my hope for tomorrow is my youngest gets through a whole school day without his mouth getting him suspended.  I’m so tired of hearing about his defiant attitude.  I wonder if the teachers think I don’t know about it haha.  It doesn’t help that his six older siblings are all known to the teachers.  They all behave wonderfully & then the tornado hit.  Not ever kid is going to play nice with teachers.   Nicky will grow out of his defiance.  Either that or he’ll kill me.  Okay, time for me to go to set my alarm for 7am & head to bed.


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