And its gone

Why do children make things so complicated?  I had invited eldest over for dinner.  It wasn’t a big deal.  Suddenly he’s trying to fit it in.  I’ve told him it doesn’t matter but he’s not only annoying himself.  He’s seriously pissing me right off.  It’s not like he doesn’t eat.  I cook every night so he can come whenever.  He needs to get out more if he thinks that’s important.

I have to say my bad mood is more to do with my youngest.  Not only has he managed to lose another school jumper but he’s lost his north face rain jacket.  I am sick & tired of replacing his stuff.  How the hell can you not notice when you leave school that half your freaking clothes are missing & then he lies about it.  He must think my brain cells fall out my arse.  I’m seriously raging.  He’s out in the pissing rain with another jacket on without a care in the world.  I seriously need to get drunk.

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