Nope, not a chance

I’ve been in a happy mood all day today.  I know, it freaked me out a bit.  I relaxed into it by 11am & just went with the flow.  I had a weird dream last night.  I get dreams where I see people I don’t expect to see.  It shocked the hell out of me.  Once I’d realised it was just a dream I was actually quite glad to see the person.  They looked well & they smiled a smile I’d forgotten.  I wakened up & the happy feeling lingered.  Work was brilliant.  I was back in our old shop & we were busy.  Customers came in asking where had I been.  A new shop doesn’t organise or price stock itself I replied.     I thought everyone knew about it but apparently the huge new sign over the new shop isn’t a big enough clue.  I so enjoyed being back at my counter with my own stuff around me.  I know tomorrow I’ll be back in the new shop but just for today I was home.

So work & school is over.  Youngest managed to make it through today without me getting a phone call.  I’m pretty sure we’ll have another ‘moment’ but today at least is over.  I’m so over both him & school.  I’m about to make dinner & then it’s a home straight till bedtime.  I am so not having enough sleep & I don’t know why.  Should I be remembering something & now I’ve asked that question I’m going to bug myself until I do remember.  Or perhaps I could just say fuck it & forget whatever I can’t remember haha.  It’s so much fun wrestling with my thought :).


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