Done & Dusted

I’m not sure why but last night I didn’t sleep well – again.  I’m not sure wtf is going on but I’m really annoying myself.  Before I knew it my alarm was going off.  Youngest threw a strop this morning & I let him.  I need to win the war with Nicky.  If that means I need to lose some battles so be it.  He had another dentists appointment.  He had an abscess so his dentist just pulled the tooth??  I remember the days when dentists didn’t remove teeth if they had an infection.  What do I know.

My work day was interesting.  I found out that a new guy is friendly with someone who knows me.  He was told I’d just tell it like it is which I guess is true.  I’m not sure I like being talked about haha.  I did say that I prefer brutal honesty to sugar coated nonsense.  I did have a moment today when I wished a man had engaged his brain before he spoke.  A customer said he’d love to see me naked after I told him half his body was exposed.  Here we go again I thought to myself.  That be nice to the customers is taken as a come on.  I was being nice because it’s part of my job.  I told him that would never happen.  When I leave work I’m a private person & he’s just a customer.  My reaction embarrassed him & I’m glad it did.  I’m sure he’s a very nice man but even thinking about me naked is weird & yukky haha.  Now I have to go & wash out my brain to remove that thought I’ve just had.


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