Miracles happen


Yesterday started like any other school morning.  My mobile rang at the same time as my house phone.  I answered my mobile to my 2nd daughter sobbing.  I pick up my house phone to hear my youngest son screaming Mum.  I could hear sirens in the background.  I could hear screaming children.    One of our school buses had over turned.  45 children were on it.  The bus had toppled down the embankment at the turn of the road.  My youngest had seen it topple & ran over to help.  6th year boys ran over smashing the windows & grabbing out any children who could move.  A teacher dislocated & broke her arm smashing a window.  Our high school isn’t exceptional.  I heard the stories of kids carrying the injured into the school.  Teacher abandoning there cars & running down the road to help.  I’m so very proud of our kids & our teachers.  Someone said all survived because it’s a Catholic school & God looks after his own could be true & I don’t care.

The press didn’t give the whole story.  They didn’t mention the air ambulance that landed on the schools helipad or the girl who sustained a broken neck.  They didn’t mention the multiple broken bones or the face & chest injuries.  No mention of the 1st year who was sent home with a wheelchair because the damage to his back was severe.  Everyone involved will recover.  That’s the most important thing.  I was updated throughout the day because I have 5 kids at that school.  To us it wasn’t just a news story, it happened in our school.


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