Just doing my thing

I should have been at the dog groomers this morning.  A 4am wake up call meant I slept in. I tossed & turned for a couple of hours.  I blame a ‘you’ for keeping me awake.  I find myself worrying & then I worry about why I’m worrying.  You know sometimes I don’t have a clue about myself or you.  Before I could leave with pooch work had phoned to say they couldn’t get the new till opened.  Despite leaving what I thought was stupid proof instructions stupid couldn’t follow them.  It was a simple choice I had.  Take pooch to his appointment or go to work & fix stupid.  Fudge is getting his haircut tomorrow.  I’m hoping tomorrow is a bright new day with someone slightly less stupid working the till.  I did have a conversation with Mr Area Manager who let slip he wants our new shop to open this Thursday which was news to me.  I raised my eyebrows but he’ll do what he wants.

So for those who celebrate Valentines Day I hope you have a great one filled with whatever you want.  I don’t buy into the commercial nonsense of it all but I do accept bouquets of roses delivered  🙂  We have a beautiful sunny day in Scotland & I’m going to make the most of it.


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