Lightening speed

This year seems to be travelling at lightening speed.  Lent is fast approaching.  I need to mix lent up a bit.  I’m bored with doing same old, same old.  I need to do something that challenges me.  I need to break a habit, you know where I’m going don’t you lol.  I find walking away from Facebook super easy now.  I just sign out on my phone & I don’t give it a second thought.  Of course I have an idea & I’m pretty sure I’ll do it.  I wont find it easy but lent isn’t about easy.

Tomorrow isn’t going to be a comfortable day.  I had a dreaded phone call from school today.   School may be on a break but they still contact me.   A meeting has been arranged for before school tomorrow.  Is it bad that I hope youngest gets suspended?  It stops the sick to the pit of my stomach feeling.  It takes the pressure off me & stops school moaning about youngest.  I can’t justify his behaviour & I don’t even try.  He’s a difficult child I get it.  He has a diagnosis, work with it or don’t.  I can feel my bad mood settling in & that’s never good.  I must play nice.  If I keep repeating that until tomorrow morning I may just keep my cool.  Goodnight


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