Big yawn


i chose to stay up late last night which was a huge mistake.  It was 2am before I went to bed & with a head full of thoughts I didn’t get much sleep.  Youngest has been suspended from school again.  It’s for 2 days this time so yet another meeting on Monday, same time, same place.  I stiffled my annoyance as I was told my son had swore at teachers who hadn’t went to help the kids involved in the bus crash last week.  I  do understand, it’s not acceptable.  I did point this out to Nicky but he has his own mind & his own choice words.  I am seriously bored with school.

I think I’ll just go to bed.  Our shop moved today & I’m not loving the new one.  Our area manager I don’t get.  He was giving out a seriously weird vibe.  Our counter has been lowered because apparently most women are short haha.  I’m 6′ with my shoes on & I don’t think that’s short.  After an hour of serving customers my back was seriously grumbling.  I do understand that accommodating the majority pisses off the minority but I don’t like how the short people always get there own way whilst us slightly taller than average suffer.   I’m not loving that at all.

Finally, I’m not allowing myself to be annoyed by or at you.  You drive me mad but that’s what you do.  I don’t get why your up so late.  Have you stopped work, are you sick?  Is it my business?  No haha.  This is actually quite cool.  I can type whatever I want to you.  You just read  haha.  You do realise what that means don’t you.  We have a remote ‘thing’.  Do we want a thing?  Does anyone else know we have a thing.  Would we want anyone to know.  So many questions, goodnighty.


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