It’s Sunday.  If that wasn’t bad enough tomorrow’s Monday.  Why can’t weekends go slower?  Another early morning start tomorrow.  Meeting at school at 8.30am.  Hopefully my youngest will just toe the school line & get through one day at a time.  When he first started it was a period at a time so we have made progress.  The progress isn’t fast enough.  I’m not  sure he’ll get through his school years without major drama but I have to keep hope he will.  Maturity is slow in reaching Nicky.  I had hoped embarrassment would have calmed him down but sadly he rarely feels it.   I almost wish he’d just kick off at home again & settle down at school.  I can handle his tantrums, school won’t.  I just have to keep chipping away at him.  Hopefully, eventually, he’ll get over himself :0)


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