Another drama

Last night was a bit mad.  I was feeling ill & had went to bed.   I don’t often do the bed thing so when I do, I’m unwell.  I was forced out of bed by youngest.  He’d came home in a serious strop.  By the time I’d come downstairs my hall mirror had been smashed.  Coffee had been thrown over half of my sittingroom.  Youngest was fighting with his two brothers & all I could do was pull my 16yr old off my 12yr old.  Calm was restored when youngest fell asleep.

So yesterday was a nightmare.  When real life rains shit I drop out of the virtual world.  I didn’t look in this space.  I was surprised when i seen a hit on recurring dream.  Not funny but right now, I don’t care what your doing.  I’m not going to message you to have you lie & you would lie.  I cannot be arsed.  If you hit on 50 posts in a day you might get a reaction.  Doing what i said not to is expected.  It just makes me think whatever.  I did realise that what i thought was yesterday is actually today.  I’m not sure how I got my days mixed up.  Once today is over, all bets are off.

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