Fast love

Today is turning out to be a much more mellow day than I ever expected.  I’m still feeling a bit weird but I’m keeping it to myself.  Nobody really gives a shit anyway.  Just so long as I’ve got my school uniforms ready for tomorrow & I feed them today, I’m okay.

The teenagers have all left.  I still have 2 incredibly irritating 12yr olds who are making more noise than is required in my house.  I’m astounded by how immature Nicky can be when he’s around kids his own age.  His normal adult attitude evaporates & is replaced by a loud, obnoxious brat.  At least I know where he is, I know who he’s with & it’s costing me nothing but patience.  All to soon Monday will be here.  Another school week with no doubt more challenging behaviour to deal with.  If only I could go back in time but I can’t.


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