Shout out

I had a really stressful day.  I hadn’t even opened our shop when school was on the phone.  Baby child had allegedly swore at 2 teachers.  Obviously since it was such a serious incident he was to be excluded.  I’ve heard of other kids who have swore & simply get sent out the class.  I’m more than irked that Nicky gets special treatment.   I was at work so couldn’t do much.  Eldest was sent to find his Dad who removed child from school.  I was left to stress in work.  In walked John who not only has a psychology degree but is a youth worker.  John is a brilliant guy.  He stood talking & whilst he didn’t give any magic answers he did advise me to get a second opinion for Nicky.  I will have to wait for a Dr’s appointment but I am determined that Nicky has to be seen by another psychologist.  School is utterly useless.  I called school to arrange an appointment with the Head Teacher.  Head Teacher doesn’t give out appointment but prefers to give callbacks.  The callback never came.  I’ve decided to not stress over it since I already have an appointment for Wednesday morning with his year head.  I can stew until then..


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