Omg laundry

When life leaves you feeling like your drowning get a friend to give you a picture of her laundry.  Okay she does have a laundry room but Omfg!!!!   She only has 3 kids.  When I seen it I could feel the stress bubbling up inside me.  My question would be what the hell, why would you let this happen?  I’d have to get on that floor & get stuck in.  Those piles are a mixture of clean & dirty clothes.  I feel a tad better knowing that when life feels & is totally outwith my control I have organised laundry.  My laundry is up to date.  It’s been sorted & put away.  I’m ignoring the bundle of towels on my bathroom floor.  I am surviving.   If that’s the best I am it’ll have to do 🙂


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