New day

I went to bed last night feeling pretty defeated.  My youngest was snoring on a sofa.  He looks so angelic.  I wakened up this morning to him giving me a hug & saying sorry.  He’s up was my first thought.  I got up & went down stairs, he said nothing to me.  It was almost like nothing happened last night.  I go down to my kitchen to be met by mess.  Dishes from last night unwashed,  A laundry bag with washing spilling out blocked the sink area.  A clever ploy giving reason to not wash the dishes.   Coffee canister left without its lid.  Coffee granules splattered my worktop.  Milk left with the lid nowhere to be seen.  Teaspoons discarded after making tea/coffee.  It’s such a long walk to the sink – not.  Something snapped in me.  I had a bomb site of a kitchen last week.  I had warned them all & here I was again.  I thundered upstairs after loading the washing machine, after washing the dishes & clearing the worktops.  I checked my Rota & I didn’t see my name.  I bellowed until they all appeared.  My next door neighbour would have heard my instructions for today.  I even wrote them down just so we’re all clear.


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