My sitting room has been meltdown proofed.  I have one huge Buddha head left but I can’t think where to put it.  My eldest son bought it for my last birthday & I do love it.  It’s heavy but I’m sure my youngest could still pick it up & throw it.  I need to find it a home and fast.  Mosiac glass broken would create way to much mess.  I may put it on a set of drawers that I have just at my house entrance.   The huge mirror that was on top of them wash smashed last weekend so it needs something.   Wherever it goes I hope it remains intact.  My Buddha display shelves are seriously over filled but what can I do.    I’ve juggled my mirrors about since youngest has a thing currently of breaking them.  I’ve had 3 mirrors in the last week broken.  Less mirrors means less cleaning.  Why don’t I see that as a positive haha.  I have to just settle with what I have  I have to start coming from a place of so what if my rooms look blah, boring, blah.  I have to think how easy it’ll be to keep it tidy 🙂



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