Way too hot

Work has had the boiler that controls our heating fixed.  Sadly Mr Manager wasn’t shown where the thermostat is.  We’re hot & I mean seriously hot.  I had to send a member of staff outside today because she looked like she was ready to keel over.  I had went in prepared with a no sleeve top & the thinnest of cardigans.  Still too hot.  I can take heat but I don’t like it.  Customers who had dressed for a cold day started to complain.  I turned down the offer I was given by a customer who suggested we could get naked together (yuk).  It’s weird when it’s cold outside & work is overly warm.  I’m pretty sure after an afternoon of moans & groans Mr Manager will find the thermostat.  Either than or he’ll begin to see those of us who stand under the heaters wearing less clothes.  None of us want that :0)


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