Blisteringly hot,,..

Today I wore completely different clothes to work.  I’m normally dressed in black.  Today I went with a loose blue shirt & smart blue trousers.  They were too big for me but it was the coolest outfit I could create.  I don’t remember losing weight but my clothes tell that story better than I could.  Mental note to self is stop skipping meals.  Work is still blisteringly  hot.  I was actually sweating & I don’t do sweat ever.  I was beginning to look like a tomato when Mr Manager took pity on our till area & gave us a floor standing fan.  At 1pm one of our customers fainted.  Our shop is so warm customers are suffering.   Mr Manager was telephoned & he promptly appeared.  He doesn’t spend a lot of time in our shop so the heat doesn’t bother him.  I don’t know how people can take heat because I can’t.  I like my cold which is fortunate given I live in Scotland.

Scotland is to have yet another independence referendum.  I don’t appreciate having to say no twice.  Our counties powers that be however have thrown there toys out the pram.  They didn’t like the result first time so they’re taking us back to the polling stations.  I don’t think it’s in my countries best interest to separate from the rest of Great Britain.  I hate how the Nationalists think Scotland is there country.  It’s not, its the country of the Scottish people.  I happen to be a socialist not a nationalist.   I am however a Scot.  I voted no last time & I’ll be voting no again.  I’m already sick of this shit & the debate has only just begun.


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