Cheeky git

My son is going on holiday with his partner.  What I didn’t realise is he’s flying out on Mothers Day.  We always, always spend Mothers Day together & he’s leaving me.  I’ve been down graded by my own son.  I could have smacked the self satisfied look I got from his partner.  I get that since she’s his partner she has the power but it’s one day.  Ragin is me lol.  A little heads up for you youngsters out there.  We Mum’s take it really p[ersonally when anything gets in the way of Mothering Sunday.  Would it kill you people to spend one day exclusively with the woman who either pushed you into the world or has a forever scar for you.  We may say it just a day or we don’t mind.  We’re lying, we do (sniff).  Next time I cook for my son I’m going to make him a seriously hot curry which his toilet will not thank me for 0)


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