For you…/whats-behind-your-recurring-dream

My psychologist says I can come across as quite challenging & direct.  I think that was her way of calling my assertive or aggressive.  So, your back to recurring dream.  I guess you could be having one of your own.  That would be really interesting as long as it wasn’t about me.  That would be called a nightmare.  Anyway I’m playing nice,.  I’ve given above a link to a post about recurring dreams.  I should point out the recurring dream your so fond of reading about only happened twice.  A long time has passed since then & we’ve all moved on right?  Actually your still reading, I’m still typing so we’re fkn caught in a time warp without any of the fun.  Recurring dream was all about you but it was just a dream.  At the time it made perfect sense whether I pegged you wrong or not.


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