Is it important??

stinkingI met a woman I worked with whilst out this afternoon.  I didn’t actually know she had left work.  We only met in passing since her shift starts just as mine finishes.  I had occasionally given her instructions but that was all.  She had a mini rant about how everyone in work is obsessed with deodorant & perfume haha.  Um, that’s very true actually.  I am a leader in the smell sweet at work party.  Is it over the top to expect your work colleagues to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene??   I don’t think it is.  I don’t want to smell body odor.  I am seriously put off by the smell of sweat.  I think its common courtesy to make sure that your clean, shoot me.   I did tell her I thought it was a shame she’d left.  When she remained focused she was good at her job.  I think its a shame Mr Manager spoke to her on 3 occasions.  I’m blunt whilst he doesn’t quite get his point across.  I’d have solved the problem first time.    She won’t be back & I know many are relieved.  I just think its a shame.  For the sake of some body wash & antiperspirant we lost a good member of our team.


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