Proceeding with great caution

I so wish I could zoom back to this morning & stay there.  A guy told me that I’m a wonderful person haha.  This I know but it’s so nice to be told be someone who has nothing to gain from me.  This morning was tough.  It’s still way to hot in work & I’m seriously suffering.  I came home & decided to clean my 3 younger sons room.  O such a big mistake.  3 huge rubbish sacks filled with coke, irn bru & diet coke cans.  I must have binned almost one hundred cans.  Why would you hide empty cans???  I also got 3 huge sacks of laundry.  Actually that may not be true.  Most of the clothes where on top of drawers or on the floor.  I do know my boys don’t use there drawers so I have left them with nothing to wear except what they currently have on.  School uniforms will have to do.  I love the saying don’t come for me until I send for you.  My sons are about the thunder  home into a clean bedroom.  Okay so I have the Xbox One controllers & the tub chairs they sit on are piled high with trainers but I’m sure they’ll get that I’m seriously hacked off.  It’s good to clean but it’s even better to piss off teenagers.  I can’t wait to see there wee faces – not!!!


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