Wearing the trousers

I had some stern words with my sons.  Jack listened because well, he’s going to become a decent man.  Jack apologised for the state of his bedroom.  He even promised to keep on top of it (love that boy!!).  Lewis smirked because at 14yrs old he’s fast becoming a male chauvinist.  Apparently it’s a woman’s job to do cooking & cleaning.  I actually think he thinks he’s right haha.  I scanned his face to see if he was joking, he wasn’t.   I love him dearly but goodness, where in the hell did I go so wrong with him.  He needs re-trained & quickly.   Nicky negated all responsibility.  He doesn’t sleep in his bedroom, doesn’t go into his bedroom & therefore none of the mess was his (not true!!)!!  Can you see my sons emerging as grown men because I can.  Jack is going to be an okay guy.  He’ll roll his sleeves up as & when required.  He’ll even put up a blind or a wall clock if I ask nicely.  Lewis doesn’t get why he should do anything haha.  He expects his stuff to be done for him.  He’s affronted by the suggestion that he should help.  Omg, I seriously hope he gets a really well paying job because he’ll need a cleaner unless he finds a woman happy to be his servant.  Nicky, he’ll be an arse.  He’ll never accept responsibility for anything.  Nothing will ever be his fault.  If it is ever proved that it’s his fault that will be because a woman made him do it.   He’ll silently huff for so long he’ll forget what he’s huffing about haha.   Nicky is his fathers son.  A little chip off a very old block.  On the positive side I have time to work with Lewis & Nicky.  Lewis will be pushed to do his chores.  He will be reminded that as a membe of my family he’s expected to pull his weight.    Nicky will have no option but to take responsibility for things he does or doesn’t do.  I will not allow any son of mine to become so devious that some sap of a woman will pick up the slack they should be dealing with.  Son rant over 🙂   I just really want to go to bed.  I am so tired of kids, work, house shit.   I love all of my children dearly but I’m knackered.  I never have a day off.  I hope they just don’t realise that I’m old, too old to be doing everything I do.  I’d hate to think they see me struggling but don’t give a fk.   Ni-night 🙂


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