Funny weird

I’m seriously into my dreams.  They may not be reality but sometimes I think they’re closer than I’d like.  So you appeared in my dream.  Actually you didn’t but your type did.  You almost made 30 hits on this site yesterday.  I didn’t know whether to worry or not.  In my dream you hit on this sight over 30 times in one day.  I messaged you via Facebook because I did worry.  It was a very light message asking why you’d done that & what was up.   I was astounded when you said you did access this blog .  You do so every day to reaffirm that you made the right choice.  I could see myself staring at my screen as I read the words.  I sent a message back that said Nb, glad I still have my uses.  I sat back & wondered why someone would need to re-affirm the same thing several times a day.  I’m still wondering that haha.  I sat looking at my screen in silence, no music which is strange for me.  A heads up for the future, don’t ever tell me that unless it’s true.  If I was to ever contacted you you’d have one chance to be honest, just one.


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