You can’t have it!!!

fatigue primer

I timed myself putting on my make-up this morning.  It took me 93 seconds.  Clearly I’m not really into make-up.  Above is my anti fatigue primer which I love.  I used to wear a primer that cost £20 by clinique.   I tried the above at £6 & couldn’t believe how good it is.   You can try it but you’d need to buy your own.  I don’t share.  I put it on & my face is just brighter.  I have naturally tanned looking skin so it’s all I use; I don’t do make-up.  Mascara with some lippy & I’m good to go.   I work with a woman in her 60’s, it takes her almost an hour to do her make-up.  She looks way older because of the slap she puts on her skin.  I’ve tried daring her to go bare but she was horrified at the idea.

My day started out pretty good.  I should come up with a code word for when I want to remember something without typing it because I want to remember this morning.  My afternoon passed in a storm of, you can guess, washing.   My challenging youngest went out in a thundering mood this morning because he had a mark on his school shirt.  My fault of course because I do the washing.  Shirts have been re-washed because Mum doesn’t always have the time to inspect every freaking item of laundry.  I know, bad Mum.  It’s ironic that one of the meds I take is given to people who suffer from anxiety.  It so doesn’t work on mine although I take it for another reason anyway.  I need to learn to chill when people have meltdowns.  It’s not always about me.


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