Cryptic post

big day

I’ve been trying to do something everyday that I dread.  I knew when I started trying  I’d hate it.  I knew I’d find it tough & I did.   I decided to just keep doing it.  Every day I just got my head down & kept trying.  I told myself every single day I hadn’t done it  that it would happen.    Just because I hadn’t done it yet didn’t mean I’d never do it.   I don’t have to keep telling myself one day I will do it.  I did it today.  It was a silly thing most people would just do.  People take so many things for granted.  I’m not most people.  I seen it as a stomach churning dread.  I have no one who would say to me well done & I’m proud.  I’m saying it to myself because I am so very proud of me.  I could so easily have given up & said no, I’m not going to try.  I didn’t.  I kept at it.  Every working day I tried & I’ll keep doing it.  Today was a good day & when I hit a bad day I’ll look back & remember how I feel today.


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