And she said..

You know penguins can’t knit.  That might read like a strange statement but I need some harsh reality.  I got my eyebrows waxed yesterday.  They lift up a teeny mirror for us to see.  Personally I never look.  I just mumble thanks & run.  I have (actually used to have) thick eyebrows.  I only glanced at myself this morning & was horrified.  The woman waxed almost half of one of my eyebrows off.  How the fk could I not have noticed.  More to the point how come no one else did!!!!  In about a month I may see the funny side but right now I look ridiculous.  Okay not as bad as those over plucked woman but you get my point.   Penguins can’t knit & the woman who waxed my eyebrows can’t do that either.


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