Another day in Paradise

I was awake at 7.30am.  Eldest had phoned from the airport to wish me a happy Mothers Day.  That was the highlight of my day.  The card he’d left for me was ruined when youngest had a meltdown.  He’d thrown coffee across my room & my card had gotten in the way.  I couldn’t help myself, I went out into my hall, sat on my stairs & I cried.  He’d just smashed one of my lamps.  Mirrored glass was all over my floor.  Dependable Jack came in & cleaned it up.  Okay so I am going to type that sometimes, just sometimes I feel like I can’t take any more.  I have no more to give.  I know I’m feeling sorry for myself.  Actually it’s more hurt than sorry.  Would it kill my children to just buy a card.  Even if one of my teenagers had bought one I’d have appreciated it.  I assume they’re waiting until I die before they bring my flowers & wail about how much they miss me.  Typically it’ll be to little to late.


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