A world full of colour

Grey is a colour.  Not everything is black & white.  Grey is allowed.  Big gulp, so is not liking your kids.  I love them all but sometimes I just don’t like them & I don’t have to.  It’s okay to not like someone you love.  I’m not sure my parents taught me that but boy, as a Mum, I so get it.  I’m trying to teach my kids that.  It’s important to understand that whilst I love them even when they’e being horrible, nasty or just down right shitty, I don’t need to like them.  Nothing will make me lie to my children.  Black & white isn’t a world I would choose to live in.  We need grey, I need grey.  I told my youngest I didn’t like him.  Not because I wanted to hurt him but because only he can decide whether he cares or not.  He needed to know I don’t like his crap behaviour.  Not everyone is going to like every one.  Nobody owes anyone an explanation.


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