It just is

Do you remember when you started visiting here Mr F.  It was way back in 2009.    I wonder if you ever just get fed up popping in.  Every sodding day your here.  Do you never think its a bit tragic because I do.  Let’s be done with this.  Even if its only for a while.  I’ll stop typing about my life & you stop reading.    In the game you were always better than me anyway.   I admit defeat.

You had already won by the time you found here.   You won the day you got married.   You walk away from people without a backward glance.  Why turn around & look for me, that’s crazy.    You didn’t care  remember.   For the next few months I’m leaving you with no choice.    You can’t  follow my life anymore.     This blog is going private.

Finally, sometimes we’re the only ones who know the best course of action for ourselves.  Your gone because that was the best course of action for you.  I didn’t like it but that was your choice.   This is mine . Dont be mad or huffy.  Just go & be happy with what you chose.  I hope you have a great birthday.

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