The dreaded call

Any parent who has a challenging child will know only to well what the dreaded call is.  I pray whenever my mobile rings during school time.  I pay out loud please don’t be school & sometimes, I’m lucky lol.  Imagine my surprise when at 8.30am my mobile starts ringing.  I open it to see it’s the dreaded school.  In that brief moment I wonder if he arrived early & had created some drama.  I should have felt guilty when it was his principal teacher cancelling a meeting she had assured me last week we didn’t have.  I couldn’t have made it today anyway.  Can we reschedule for tomorrow?  Not a chance.  Tomorrow is the final day of term before the easter break.  I don’t really want a meeting with the educational psychologist.  I want some peace from school & the holidays are the time for it..  Actually given that he’ll be un-grounded I won’t have any peace haha.


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