Balance required

I was up at 8am this morning.  My washing machine was loaded & I went out to sit in my garden.  Garden is a tip but when I look up well, the sky looks awesome.  My internal talk was annoying.  I had to clear my kitchen table, brush the floor, reload the washing machine when it was finished.  Move stuff, clean stuff, tidy stuff.  The list in my head was never ending.  I could hear the sleep over boys wakening up.  My peace was about to be shattered by the chaos of 13yr olds.  Then I had a thought.  Why not just do what you want.  If you don’t want to do any of the things on that bloody list don’t do them.  Who in the fuck is going to call me out on not doing them.  As I had that thought 2 magpies landed in front of me.  I swear it was a sign!!!!  Okay so honesty time.  I did brush the kitchen floor & clean my kitchen table.  I moved stuff & I did clean off my worktops but that was it.  I didn’t go find the school uniforms because I don’t wear them.  I hung my washing out on the line but only because it was mine.  It’s Sunday & I’m giving myself a break until I get bored & NEED to do something which should be any minute now 🙂