Some teeny positives

So, I’m going to end today with some teeny positives.  My bath & sink are much better.  I bet you guys were worrying about my slow draining bath & sink.  Worry no more.  Who needs a man when a Jacqui can fix, well, most things.  My Beko sensor condenser tumble drier has been pissing me off for ages.  The clean filter light kept coming on.  That meant the tumble drier would go cold which means it stops drying.   No one would bother turning it off so I had taken to just sitting in my kitchen waiting for the light to flash (I know, time consuming & mind numbingly boring).  Today I simply took out the water condenser & washed it.  Removed the heating element & gave it a clean.  Put it back together & it worked.  Now it could be that God just decided to give me a break or maybe I just got lucky.  Whatever the reason I will take those teeny positives & go to bed happy.


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