Twisted knee

Darn a broken toilet seat.  Darn my broken toilet seat.  You see I decided to do a 100 day challenge (yep, again!!).  My current challenge is 100 days of coconut oil being applied to my toe nails.  I know, it really is as horrible as it reads haha.  Last night whilst sitting on top of my toilet seat I somehow managed to snap one of the side thingys clean off.   In my defense my shaky meds must have been out my system so I was shaking about a lot.   Toilet seat moved, I panicked & twisted a knee.  What the fuck I thought would happen God alone knows.  Who panicks when a toilet seat shifts haha.  So now I have a swollen knee that’s a bit sore whenever I stand up.  Of course I’m avoiding standing up which I’m sure won’t aide recovery.  My job for today, changing the pesky toilet seat.  I have never in my life changed a toilet seat but how difficult can it be????


Comments welcome

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