Time flies

It’s been 8 weeks since I spoke to my only sibling which is so bad.  I’ve became so caught up in my own life I barely noticed the passing of time.  I hadn’t told anyone we’d fallen out.  It’s no ones business & tbh it’s not that big in my world.  I’ve just found out my Mother is telling people that she knows through me.  I now have colleagues texting me asking why lol.  O jeez, Mother is bored which means she’s indulging herself in a little bit of gossip.  I should perhaps feel peeved it involves me but if she’s happy, cool.  Who am I to judge.  I had thought about contacting Kate but she went to far & I’m not really the forgiving type.  I do think least said is best.  We can avoid each other for however long we need to.   I think we really should just draw a line in the sand & get on with our own lives.  I was never really invited to the party she & my Mother share so I’m happy to go it alone.


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