Catching dragons

I spent a lot of this afternoon cleaning down walls.  You have no idea how hard it is to clean tea, coffee & coke off artexed walls.  I hate artex with a passion.  I have no idea what possessed me to paint my sitting room walls cream.  Moving out 2 of my sofas left my walls exposed.  Dribbles of various liquids were screaming at me.  The muscle is only good for lifting & lugging.  My muscle had scurried home before the real work commenced,  The cleaning took way longer than I anticipated.  Maybe I’m just slower than I used to be.  I felt like I was wiping away parts of my past I never want to visit me again.    Sadly I’m sure the meldowns will return.  I just need to make sure liquid is nowhere near when he strops.  Whether my son is ODD or PDA is immaterial.  He creates chaos & destruction & I hate it.  At one point I thought I was going to cry.  Every one had fucked off doing whatever & I’d just been left.  I knew at least 4 of my teenage kids where home but they chose to do simply nothing.  This Mum is feeling very hard done by today but I did it.  I washed down those walls like he’d never thrown a thing at them.  I picked up the broken glass long forgotten from a plate he broke.  I’m done for today.


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