Lets get dirty

I wonder how many of you think I’m going to type about sex.  I’m not but the title may suggest it haha.  Sex isn’t on my radar I’m afraid.  What has been on my radar this afternoon is my bathroom.  That teeny little space I love to hate.  I escaped youngests meltdown by hiding out in my safe room (aka bathroom).  My little peace of stillness was looking grubby.  What I thought would be a quick 5 minute job has still not been finished. I have admitted defeat.  Big sigh, I can change flooring (I don’t but thats my defiant issue), I can change toilet seats (proud muchness).  I can even change light fittings (love wiring).  What I can’t seem to be able to manage is unblocking bath & sinks.  Fucking daughters with ridiculously long hair they leave in the bath.  Add to that males who shave in my bathroom sink (WTF, grow bears people!!!) & my sink & bath just slow drain & it drives me nuts!!!!  I’m letting it go people.  I’m giving up & actually I should worry about me giving up because that’s a seriously bad, bad sign.  I’m going to do & say absolutely nothing.  The fist person who mentions it will be ignored because I’m a patient woman.  Not only can I give up but I can hold out.  Lets see how long it takes for someone to mention it.  I dare them…


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