I did that


I had some add-on teenagers last night. I just go to bed & leave them to it.  I go to sleep hoping nothing gets broken haha.  I got up this morning to teenagers lounging on my new sofa’s, the smell of donner meat was everywhere.  I leave & by the time I arrive home the add-on’s have left & I can relax.  I do have a mountain of my own washing to do but today is a long day 🙂

You know I know so many people who say they’re busy.  As I raise my eyebrows I wonder how doing nothing is busy.  Is it boredom or laziness?   Actually if someone is bored doing nothing but continues to do it that’s depression & they should sort that out.  If It’s laziness someone needs to tell them that they’re not entitled to anything.  Neither are they victims.  They need to become pro active in there own lives.   I hate being busy doing nothing.  I’d rather do something, anything that be one of those day time tv watchers.   I feel frustrated by people who can but don’t.   Can you tell I’m on a swing currently which I guess

is progress.  I’m not down but I’m not up.  I’m half way between where I am & where I’d like to be haha.  At the very least I’m earning scars


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