God loves a trier

Its 6.49pm.  I have this song in my ears at full volume.  My world could be crashing down & I don’t care.  I had a mission this afternoon to find as many school blazers as I could.  Our junior blazers cost £42 so they’re not cheap.  Our high school insists every child wears them.  I like to see what I have at this time of year before I buy any new.  I have a 42″, 2 of 40″, 1 38″, 1 34″ & 1 32″.  Of course I need 2 36″.  I’m sure I bought at least 1 36″ during the last term but its whereabouts is unknown.  It’s probably been left at some football park.  I now know I have to buy 2 36″ & 2 senior blazers at £46,.  I’m not moaning (I really am) but thats £176 just for blazers.  I’m keeping my music in my ears until I stop seething.


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